Most likely, more than you think. Homeowners invest a lot of time, care, and money into landscaping their property, expecting beauty and shade in return. But the unexpected “return” on that investment is that trees have monetary value as well.

 Most appraisals are done after the trees are removed or damaged. 

Data collection, photos and adjacent woodlands can help identify the tree’s condition prior to incidental damages.

Monetary damages can be determined by using certified industry approved formulas and techniques.

It is our duty  to determine the most appropriate “practical and reae.sonable” replacement value.

Tree Appraisals Tree Loss Solutions and  Tree Values


Ozarks Certified Arborist can help to determine a “practical and/or reasonable value” in a tree loss event. 

Tree loss,due to illegal tree removal, unintentional damages and UNAUTHORIZED TRESSPASS practices, can be determined by inspecting and collecting data to formulate monetary replacement values and/or replacement costs

When a tree is damaged or destroyed it is important to establish its true economic value to ensure that you get a fair settlement and compensation for the loss and cost of replacement or treatment of damage.

The value of landscape trees is normally greater than the dollar value of the marketable wood they contain. Landscape trees are used for many architectural, engineering, climatic and aesthetic purposes. A realistic appraisal of landscape trees is often required to settle legal disputes, damage claims or casualty loss.

The value of large landscape trees is not easily established.

Though even large mature trees can sometimes be transplanted successfully, doing so can require  extraordinary effort and cost.  Replacement cost is the most direct way to establish the value of a tree. At some point, a tree becomes too large to be replaced practically with an equivalentone.


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